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Manage your subscriptions – Easily

Inbuild database of apps and their info

The biggest problem we came across this topic of managing your subscriptions is adding your data into a platform and for this we have our own database where we plan to add new tools, Lifetime teams every week. This database will default some of the data to the endusers and help make the adding of subs easier.

Example below:

Apps DB

How do you mange new apps which are not in Subshero DB?

What we do here is that, when we dont find a match in our db and user is adding this product be a subscription or LTD. we reference them to default. So these apps would required you to add images and their data manually further when you submit it. these might also not show up in your calendar. (Default name Subscription) we plan to further improve this when start to collect some feedback from our Beta testers.

Will the billing cycle or price show up for Custom Subscription additions?

Since our default reference from db would not have data, we dont propose the billing cycle or prices when users add. Unfortunately our database will always be behind the present markets of apps which are being release on daily basis.

image 1

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